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Black Background

Skén:nen Í:ke

I Walk in Peace

a twelve-month program of self-healing

with funding by
Kahnawà:ke Shakotiia’takéhnhas Community Services
First Nations Child and Family Services


Skén:nen Í:ke is a one-weekend per month, twelve-month healing program beginning January 14, 2024, whose goals are to:

Help participants on their healing journey by increasing the quality and depth of their   relationships with themselves and others in a safe and culturally appropriate environment;


Provide different perspectives to see life’s experiences: understanding trauma makes it possible to transcend its bonds and move towards living a life free of its constraints;

Provide opportunities to feel and express emotions, while applying tools to understand what they are communicating; and,

Uses universal needs and explore parallels with Kanien’kehá:ka culture


Applications will be accepted until Friday November 3rd, 2023.  
Applicants will go through an interview and selection process to address expectations; determine commitment and adherence to the time requirement and other program criteria, while ensuring a dynamic and diverse group of 15 people.

Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance to this program no later than December 8, 2023

If you are Kahnawa’kehró:non or work in the community and are interested in applying to this program, have questions, or want to learn more, Please contact  us at
the coordinates below.


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