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Our individual healing sessions include the following elements:


Through connection and healing touch, we explore and shift sources of illness, pain and trauma; creating space for you to see yourself from many different perspectives, make different choices,  and to continue your own healing journey.


Trauma and injuries are held in the body. Using physical positions, we explore your posture and help you shift how you occupy your body to address and alleviate pain and trauma.


What if how your feet meet the earth is exactly how you yourself meet the world? By using a tracking box full of sand, we explore how your psychology is written in your tracks on the earth; and how the earth is reflecting that back to you.

Our Services

We offer:

  • In-Person Sessions: at our office in Kahnawa:ke, QC

  • On-Line Zoom Sessions: for those not in the area; and

  • Our Community Package: Where we come to you!

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